Many years ago I was camping in a rest area (back somewhere in the midwest when I was traveling around seeing The Grateful Dead) I saw this and the image has always stayed with me……. Giant Bubbles – amoeba shaped bubbles that seemed to go on for miles.  Now granted, everything on that trip was “magical” and groovy – but these bubbles were so cool.  In the sunlight they look iridescent as they float off into the blue sky or pop above you and shower you on a hot summer afternoon. 

So now years later, I have been saying I’m going to make these giant bubble wands for the kids (and kinda for me) and when I saw this at Childhood Magic I immediately went out back and gathered materials and made the magic happen. 

Now I did not make mine as nice as hers – I found a piece of PVC pipe laying around and then grabbed an old piece of bamboo out of our stand of bamboo.  I didn’t have any eyes bolts so I just drilled a hole right through and knotted the rope at the end.  Other than those modifications everything else was the same. 

I also did not add any glycerin to the soap – I just used a lot of dish soap.  I made a mini one for Saige and I ended up using wool yarn and that worked good too.  I ended up cutting down the pvc and bamboo of Ryders wand and made a small one for Saige out of pvc – it worked well for her.

I think we ended up outside for 3 hours making bubbles.  I ended up making some more wands so I could bring them to school and have the kids make bubbles (and then I get to have my own when we are at home!).

It’s amazing how the simplest activity can bring hours of joy for everyone.  Everyone can make these, you can even use branches from a tree.  This is a perfect summertime project and activity for the whole family.

Happy Bubblemaking!