This weekend, at the last minute, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day and Summer Solstice by camping at Sugarloaf State Park (which is about 15 miles down the road – but also worlds away). 

On Friday morning we decided we’d head out on Saturday after Saige’s dance recital.  So we packed up the car Saturday a.m., went to the recital (which I will post later – it was too darn cute) and hit the road.  That’s the beauty of camping down the road from your house.  We were at the camp site by 2p.m. – sweet!  I’m so glad we did this – we didn’t do anything special – just packed up our cooler with whatever we had in the cupboards and fridge (nothing fancy or campy campy – except the smores!).  So often, we (collectively) think we have to plan, get all the “right” things, don’t have the time, etc, etc, (excuse after excuse) but in reality – we can do it. 

 And let me tell you, the kids were out of their minds stoked! (so was their mama and dad – after we set up the tent and settled in Doug looked at me and said “you are just so happy aren’t you?” He could feel my excitement pouring out of me) – I’m ashamed to say it’s been awhile for Doug and I since we last camped.  But this was all it took for us to get that bug again.  As I’m sitting here typing, Doug is asking if we are going again next weekend 🙂  I LOVE IT! 

We have been talking about heading to Tahoe to camp (and that takes a little more planning – since we’d like to have a couple extra days out there) but in the meantime I see us becoming regulars at Sugarloaf.

Some of our friends met us up there for a couple hours too (that’s another great thing about camping so close to home- if other families aren’t totally up for camping they can just come out for a couple hours to hang out).  I love sharing these times with good friends.

The kids spent time at the creek throwing rocks, racing their bikes around the campground, and exploring all around the campsite.  It was a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and Summer Solstice. 

What a way to spend the day.  Happy Father’s Day to all, hope your day and weekend was a wonderful one.

And Happy Summer Solstice – what are your plans for the longest day of the year?