This is what Saige calls herself – Grammy gave her this name after seeing her at her tap class.  And it is a truly fitting name.  Not only does she love to tap – she LOVES to dance – anytime, anywhere.  I will say I love this quality (because I LOVE to dance).  We were recently at a festival in the town square (we are lucky enough to have a lot of these fun community gathering festivals with food, music, drink and art).  So as soon as Saige saw there was a band set up to play she was front and center and as soon as that first note was played she was dragging me to the grassy area in front of the band to boogie – she’s the best!

So our little dancing queen had her very first dance recital the Saturday before Father’s Day.  What a flashback for me (I took tap and ballet while I was growing up).  Her and her BFF are in Tiny Tapers and were probably one of the youngest in all the groups.  The girls sat patiently in the “holding room” until it was finally their turns to take the stage.  And boy did they take the stage – they ROCKED it!  As much as you can rock twinkle twinkle and If you’re happy and you know it 🙂  But boy did they perform up there.  It had to be one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time.  They weren’t scared and they had fun – that’s the main thing.  And when Saige got off the stage and I met her back stage she said ” I loved being on stage mama!”  She’s my little dancing queen.

being silly in the "holding room" waiting to take the stage

getting ready for her twirl

This is a little blurry – since I was pretty far away and had to crop out the rest of the kids (as I don’t have their permission to post their images) – but you can see she’s doing her “happy and you know it” bit.

We are on hiatus until the fall session starts – we can’t wait.  It’s so great for Saige to finally have her own activity.  She’s always tagging along for Ryder’s activities and now she has found her niche.

Dancing Queen, young and sweet……