A few posts ago, I had said that the strawberries were finally coming in and I showed a little basket of berries I had picked, which at the time I was thrilled about because we had been waiting for them to arrive.  Well they have arrived….

one days harvest

a few days later!

We are LOVING this!  Every morning we have strawberries with our cereal – so yummy.  We had so many that we made some strawberry ice cream (just grabbed a cheap ice cream machine at Target – not totally sure about it) – it was yummy – but we didn’t have the rock salt so the ice cream didn’t quite do what it should so we put the mixture in the freezer instead.  The custard base recipe was from, none other than, The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters – my bible!  So creamy. 

We have another big batch of berries waiting to be picked so we’ll try again (we now have the rock salt – let’s see if that was the issue). 

In the meantime we will continue enjoying our berries as is, whenever we want them 🙂

What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?  In salads? In ice cream?  Right off the plant?