Saige is now 2 1/2 and growing quickly.  We have been looking, for sometime now, a big girl bed for her.  Her crib converted into a daybed and it has worked well, but for the last couple months we’ve noticed she’s usually got an arm or leg hanging off the bed – good sign it’s getting a little too small.  I had in mind a particular style/look and purpose for her bed.  She, unfortunately has the smallest room in our house so we have to make every square inch work for us and every piece of furniture needs to be functional (extremely functional).  So we wanted a captains bed/chest bed with a few drawers, a cabinet, possibly a door to get access to the back side of the bed, white shabby chic style with beadboard.  Not too much to ask right?  Well we looked and looked – mainly on the internet and craigslist.  We found a couple but just hated the thought of paying all that money for a junky piece of furniture (new).  I never gave up hope with craigslist but just no luck.

Well, we had been searching craigslist for some thermarest pads for camping (which we scored big time and found some!) – makes it more comfortable when sleeping on shale.  While looking for the thermarest I thought, let’s try again for the bed – and much to my delight there was a listing (no picture of exact bed but one of similar) so we called and Doug talked to the woman and it sounded great – plus a mattress to boot.  Doug headed out that evening to San Fran to pick it up (about 45 minutes away) and was back about 2 hours later with, literally, exactly what we wanted (and all for $100) and two little baby doll strollers thrown in 🙂

Of course in our tiny little house it takes a lot of rearranging to fit things in (plus we were leaving to go camping in the morning) so we had furniture on the front porch, in the kitchen, the garage – all to get this bed into it’s spot.  But once there – it’s perfect!  I’m so over buying new (have been for some time now) but after buying this bed I felt so good that we didn’t buy something new, that we kept something out of a landfill and gave it a whole new life and then I read Farmama’s post (it couldn’t have been more appropriate and perfect timing) and remembered this video I had seen a while ago (it’s an awesome video – you must watch) and it made me even happier to know that we didn’t buy new. 

And Saige LOVES her new bed!  She tells EVERYONE about it!  It’s precious and a bit sad all at the same time, our little girl is growing up.