I wanted to share how we store our lettuce.  Not sure if you’ve ever had the experience of having lettuce go bad – the smell, the black slime 😦   yuck!  My succession planting has not gone exactly how I had planned, I still harvested, in one day, (4) gallon size bags of lettuce!  Much better than the past where I’m harvesting the entire planter in one day, but I need to get a bit better with my succession planting. 

Anyways, we eat a lot of salad and use lettuce on our sandwiches, but that’s still a lot to eat before it all goes bad.  But I have found a way that seems to prolong its refrigerator life (well at least it works for us).

Here’s how it goes…..

Harvest the lettuce

pull individual leaves, wash and spin

lay out a layer of paper towel, spread lettuce leaves in a single layer (you can overlap some but just don’t do too many) and then lay another paper towel over and continue the above process

I usually do 3 high and then I fold it over and store in a ziplock bag in the veggie drawer. 


This keeps the lettuce nice and crisp but also keeps it from having too much moisture which is what seems to be the culprit of the lettuce rotting so quickly and it’s ready for your meals.

With this method none of our lettuce has gone bad and it’s not a total pain when you are getting ready for dinner and want a salad – no washing or spinning – it’s already done for you.

And I always save the paper towel and bags and reuse (because I know it sounds very wasteful) but I just had to replace one of the bags paper towels (and this was after 5 uses).  You could also use tea towels if you prefer.

We have been enjoying wonderful salads every night with dinner – the kids love them too!