Ok – it’s not really freedom, but to me I feel free with my new purchase/new found love.  THE DIVA CUP!  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about here’s the skinny (and if any of my readers are men – well you might want to skip this post – or if you are open minded you may want to read on and tell your lady friends about this)….  ok here we go…..

No more buying tampons or pads, this is a silicone cup that is inserted, during your period, that collects your “flow” and you empty.  No more worrying about toxic shock, having the right absorbancy,or what kind of chemicals have been used in making your tampons, or did you forget your tampons (which I was always doing – my kids had their lunches, but I didn’t have my tampons – priorities right!). 

Some of you may be thinking “OMG – that’s gross, you have to dump it and rinse it and then reinsert” BUT what is grosser than pulling out a bloody cotton wad and wrapping it in toilet paper and tossing it in the garbage!  (sorry for the graphic image) but seriously – to me that’s pretty rank.

This is the easiest, most convenient, most environmentally friendly choice out there.  It comes in two sizes – for those of us who have given birth and those who haven’t (I think for most of us who have given birth our cervix rides low during our cycle so they have designed the cup to fit).  There are some other brands/versions out there but I have not tried those.  There is a website someone created analyzing all the different “cups” out there – she really gets in depth which is nice.  The Diva Cup is the most readily available in stores  – I bought mine at Whole Foods and I didn’t see any other brand on the shelf. 

After I bought mine, opened it and inserted it, I then read the packaging in detail and saw it states “not to be used with an iud”.  As luck would have it, I have an iud, and I thought, crap – just when I found something I like and I just shelled out $35 and can’t return the thing ($35 is cheap when you think about all the money you spend on pads and tampons a month till you hit menopause).  So I immediately started to google it and put a call in to my doctor.  Everything I read online, as well as my doctor agreeing, it’s fine to use with an iud – just be sure when you pull it out – nothing else comes along with it!  But I was also told that about wearing tampons with an iud.  So just be cautious.  My doctors main concern was hygiene and cleaning.  You are to clean with soap and water after each “emptying”.  Well this can’t always be done, such as in a public restroom, so they suggest doing it once you get home or at the next “emptying” at home.  I find that I rarely need to empty while I’m out and about or at work, it really holds a lot, as well as, you don’t really “bleed” all that much during your cycle.  So I carry some wipes with me for clean up when I’m out and about.  Otherwise it’s easy to clean at home with soap and water. And then at the end of your cycle you boil it for 30 minutes.  Simple, simple, simple! 

I have only had a little spotting (which was on my heaviest day) so I wear a liner or just change more often. 

It truly is a freeing feeling – no longer buying all those tampons, worrying if I forgot them or not, worrying if they will leak, etc. 

Free yourself and get yourself a “cup”!  You won’t regret it 🙂