As you can see we’ve been having some fun with tie dying. 

We’ve done two batches this summer.  Of course the first batch was to outfit our household and the second batch was to cloth our friends and family in Chicago. 

We recently headed back to Chicago for a visit and brought back a little Cali love in the form of tie dyes.  My kids LOVE their tie dyes – how can you not – groovy colors swirling around – just makes you want to smile 🙂

Our friend Kendra made a trip down to Dharma Trading Co. and unfortunately I couldn’t join her, but she came back with some tie dying goodies and made lots of fun gear for her kids and her new bambino.  Luckily our local art store had this lovely little kit that makes tie dying sooooo much easier than the good ‘ole bucket method.  It comes with 4 squeeze bottles with pointy nozzles and has the powdered dye already in the bottle – just add water.  It also comes with the soda ash and a fun little video showing all the different designs you can do.  The owner of the art store told me that he has all kinds of powdered dye to purchase so I can reuse the bottles.  It’s perfect.  I highly recommend the kit – it was only $19 and we ended up tie dying about 14 shirts, a pair of underwear and 2 pairs of socks and had left over.  The video was fun to watch too.  Ryder was all jazzed about the different designs to make.  And all in all it was not too messy.

While we were in Chicago we headed out to the Shedd Aquarium (one of my favorite places ever) and we took my nieces so we decided to all wear our tie dyes.  Let’s just say we really stood out in the crowd 😉

I’ve got some white sheets waiting for the next round of tie dying – Ryder really wants a set of tie dyed sheets.  He also wants to make Papa and Grandma some tie dyes (which is a hysterical thought if you knew my folks).  I think that will be on the christmas list this year 😉