My name is Julie and my family and I reside in Northern California.  We have a three year old son and a 4 month old daughter.  I have been sewing for myself since college (about 10+ yrs ago)- I majored in Fashion Merchandising and Design, and I have worked in the fashion industry for a brief period (too cut-throat for me).  So, I pretty much sew and craft for my family and friends and would like to start sharing my projects with others.  I think it’s important to support local artists/crafters and always feel better when I purchase “handmade”.

Being in Northern California, you are constantly surrounded by inspiration, whether it’s the magnificent scenery or it’s all the talented artists/musicians/etc.   That is why I stand before you today…..I have become inspired to share my family life and my creations with those of you that so desire.

I want to share my experiences as a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a woman, trying to be responsible and conscious of the world we live in and raising my family accordingly.  I want to create a space other “like minded” families can come to offer their thoughts and feelings. 

I will also be offering some of my creations (children’s shirts, toys, quilts, bags and other whimsical items) so be sure to check back for frequent updates.

So I thank you for coming to check us out and hope you will become a frequent visitor.



6 Responses to “About”

  1. Kristin Says:

    This is so exciting! You are such an inspiration to so many people! I can’t wait to forward this bog on to friends and family! Hopefully I can catch on to some of your conscious habits that make this world a better place!

  2. CaymanSarah Says:

    Lovely to see someone who reminds me so much of me! LOL! I did Fashion Design with marketing and worked in Buying for a while and then moved to marketing (I didn’t really live and breathe fashion enough for the industry).

    This is a great fabric site as well – I struggle to find site that will ship to Cayman and who have gorgeous prints – so was thrilled to find this one:

    I am astay at home Mum and an enthusiastic knitter and sewing but am getting all enthusistic about creating fabric print ranges….maybe staying at home, struggling to find fantastic prints will be the inspiration I need to start a new business!

    Good luck with your endeavours!

  3. Sammi Says:

    What a great site; full of resources for mothers and grandmothers. Your T-Shirts are great, I am going to get one for my grandson. Thank you for all the great information you share so openly not just mom’s but for everyone in the family.

  4. Moodz4Modernz Says:

    Hello. It’s good to be you! Goodwill energies directed toward you and yours. I’m not a parent anymore but I am a proud mother.

    You seem to already know you should celebrate this unique period in your life because like all good things (and not so good as well) it hasn’t come to last– It’s come to pass.

    This is a great blog and full of great resources. Thank you.

    Please. Read my blog…

  5. Bobbi Says:

    Great blog Julie! Looking forward to reading more!
    We are in No. Cal too!!

  6. Bobbi Says:

    Hi Jullie!
    It’s Bobbi from eco chic family blog. I am starting a new blog. Just thought I would give you the new link!

    Looks like you had a GREAT time at the Harmony Festival. TOTALLY jealous! We had to miss it because of my husbands job 😦 So glad to see the pictures though!

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