I would like to dedicate this page to stories about birthing.  I encourage people to send in their stories so other’s can view what an amazing and unique experience each birth is.  Also I would like women to be able to come here and read positive stories, as I said in my earlier blog about my children’s births, so often people want to share horror stories or make birthing out to be this awful painful experience.  I would just like a place for people to share their experiences – so moms and dads to be can be inspired and get excited about one of the most amazing things they are ever going to experience in their life- bringing another life into this world!

Enjoy the stories and thank you to all who share.

2 Responses to “Birth Stories”

  1. Claire Says:

    I had my second child, Edgar, at home a little over 2 years ago. My due date was October 31st, and this was based on the known date of ovulation- so it was about as accurate as due dates get! So, when I was nearing Thanksgiving still pregnant (3 weeks past due) my patience was starting to waver. My homebirthing midwives counseled and encouraged, and after a post-due ultrasound confirming that both the baby and I were perfectly healthy, they informed that castor oil *might* work to send me into labor. On November 20th, 2009 our older daughter, who was 7 at the time, was having a sleep over at my parents’ house, so we decided to take a dose of the castor oil and go to sleep. I woke up around 2:30am feeling some strong contractions, but as I’d been having very strong Braxton-Hicks contractions for over 2 months at this point, I noted them and then promptly went back to sleep. I woke back up around 4:45am, this time realizing that I was indeed in full-blown labor, so I woke my husband. We had a birthing tub all set up in the baby’s bedroom, but it wasn’t filled with water. We immediately started the slow process of filling it, but within an hour of waking up it was clear that I was in transition. We called the midwife, who lives a little over an hour from our house, and she set out on her way. By 6am our tub was only 1/4 full, and I was desperately needing to push. I reached down and felt the baby’s hair, and informed my husband the baby was coming RIGHT NOW! He calmly hopped into the tub, placed a hand on my back (I was on hands and knees) and watched as our son was born. My water never broke so the baby’s head was born “in the caul,” or rather still in the amniotic sac. My husband, in between words of love and encouragement, said “Awwww honey, he’s in a bag!!” Words I will never ever forget. Once the baby was completely delivered we snuggled with him in the birthing pool for about 5 more minutes until the first of 2 midwives arrived. It was beautiful, peaceful, funny, enjoyable, and perhaps the most intimate moment I will ever or could ever share with my husband. I am so happy we had a homebirth, and can’t imagine doing any other way from now on.

    1. bellamadris Says:

      What a lovely story – thank you for sharing 🙂 Makes me want to be pregnant all over again! Beautiful experience for you and your husband and what a peaceful entry for your son 🙂

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