Saige and her new big girl bike (big 3 year old!)

soccer practice and soccer games – Doug is coaching this year too ūüôā

painting the bean bag toss game for the birthday party

Snuck away from the party planning to go to Power to the Peaceful to see our boyfriend Michael Franti¬†ūüėȬ† Yes, Saige¬†and I are quite infatuated (as well as Doug and Ryder¬†).¬† What’s not to like about the man!¬† Saige was bummed we were so far back we couldn’t see him – too cute!

Figs are coming in

and so are the tomatoes!¬† Yippee!¬† I am thrilled.¬† Not sure if you remember my previous post about my tomatoes not being so big or great, well we got a nice little heat wave and BAM¬† they all turned red and were decent sized and I’ve been hauling in 8lb + baskets of tomatoes weekly – I’m loving it!

So with that said I’ve been doing a lot of sauce making and storing.

something else we’ve been making a lot of …. hula hoops – 30 to be exact.¬† These were the “reward” for solving the mystery at the kids party (Scooby Mystery party).

our big 6 year old¬†(yes that’s right 6!) got his first skateboard for his birthday.¬† He got to go to the local skateshop and had his board built and got to tour the shop and learned the “skater” hand shake – the red carpet treatment.¬† He was so stoked!

Shaggy and Daphne before the party.¬† Mama had a late night – I had some costume adjustments to make.¬† It was going to be 95+ degrees that day and I had to make a new dress for Saige (or I should say Daphne) one that was sleeveless.¬† Doug was Fred (unfortunately we did not get a picture of him) and I was Velma (yes, the smart one ūüėȬ† ).

picked some berries in the morning for a raspberry/strawberry curd for the filing of the cake.¬† I tried my hand at a red velvet cake and was thrilled with the outcome. I usually try out new cakes on my friends and they don’t usually turn out good (I am not the best baker) but this one turned out good ūüôā

In the haste of frosting the cake (15 minutes) before the party I forgot to cross the “T” in birthday.¬† And no that isn’t a spelling mistake – it is supposed to say Rappy¬†Rithday¬†(in the words of Scooby).

The hoops were a success and Velma really liked them too ūüėȬ† yes that is me under the wig and glasses – it was way too hot to rock the turtleneck!

So after this all this, I woke up and it suddenly was October!  Ugh!

And during this time Ryder started kindergarten, I (and a few others) are trying to get the schools garden built, I started doing a daycare co-op with a friend and her two kids and Saige is back in tap and Ryder is taking hip hop Рphew! 

September always seems to sneak up and fly by.¬† The good thing is the “gang” has their costumes ready for Halloween – no costume sewing for Mama.¬† Now back to my quilt (and the other 50 projects I have half finished).

I can catch my breath now

My hoop finally arrived last Friday!¬† I have been wanting to get a hoop for so long and, for some odd reason, felt like it wasn’t necessary or I’d probably never do it or whatever other ridiculous reason I was telling myself.¬† Then I was reading my good friend Kendra’s blog¬†and was totally motivated (plus I knew I would have someone to hoop with too).¬† So I ordered one up.¬† After I ordered it I¬†couldn’t wait to¬†tell Kendra and¬†then she¬†told me she found directions on the internet to make them (of course there’s instructions¬†on the internet).¬†¬†Well I had to see – even though I had my hoop coming – you need to have more than one for the kids, friends, potentially double hooping, etc.¬† So I started googling how to make a hula hoop – holy smokes – there are TONS of places to find info – lots of great “how to” videos on youtube.¬† Since I work for a local home improvement center I have all the supplies at my finger tips.¬† I was able to make 3 hoops for $5!¬†

This is how we’ve been making the hoops

3/4″ irrigation tubing at 160psi (I like the weight of this) you can use 1″ too but I feel it’s a bit to heavy for us.

3/4″ connector for the tubing

tape – the sites I viewed suggested “gaffer tape” but we don’t sell it so I just used good old colored vinyl tape found in our electrical dept.¬† The gaffer¬†tape is a cotton tape that gripes your clothing a bit so there is some friction to help with the hooping¬†– but we haven’t found any problems hooping with the vinyl tape.

Some of the sites say to heat up the ends of the tubing with a blow dryer but I found a video on youtube that suggested heating up a pot of water and submerging the end of the tube into the boiling water to make it more pliable and that totally worked Рmuch better than the blow dryer Рthe connector slipped right on.

And that’s all – you can wrap the hoops however you want.¬† It’s been so much fun.¬† I’ve been hooping¬†everyday since my hoops arrival.¬† I’ve got the bruises to show.¬† But in the week I’ve been doing it I’ve figured out a couple tricks/moves so I’m stoked.¬† And now I’ve got Ryder totally addicted.¬† He asks to watch the videos on the computer and then he wants to go out and practice ūüôā¬† Yesterday, while Saige¬†napped, Ryder and I hooped for an hour to Michael Franti (who is my LOVE)- what a way to spend the afternoon ūüôā¬† He has even mastered two hoops at once!¬†

After dinner last night we headed to the backyard for our nightly “after dinner play” and Saige¬†was flying on her swing, I was hooping, Ryder hooped a little (so he could show Doug his double hooping) and then he grabbed his rope swing and was spinning like a trapeze artist.¬† Doug looked around and laughed (he’s got his own private circus!)¬† It’s so fun.

Here are a couple¬†awesome hooping videos – just so inspiring and they make it look so effortless and graceful.¬† Someday ūüėČ