tshirts on the line

I started creating tshirts when Ryder was about 2.  I was so tired of seeing the same old things for boys- there was either a truck, football, baseball or something of the sort on the shirt.  As if those are the only things that boys could be interested in.  I wanted to make shirts that had images that you wouldn’t see on every other boy on the playground.  I love anything vintage so I started to search for fabric with vintage inspired images.  The first fabric I found had guitars, mandolins, and banjos and I just loved the idea of putting those on shirts for Ryder (at that time we were in a music together class and really enjoying playing instruments).  I had received many positive comments on his shirts at class, the playground, out and about, so I started to think about making them to sell.  So here we are with only about 2 dozen shirts remaining from the original batch (I probably started with 8 dozen and I only went to one art/craft fair). 

Being a gardener, I fell in love with these vintage seed packets I found on ebay.  They are from the 1920’s –  some are veggies and some are flowers (the flower packets are from france).  I started to put these on shirts and market bags.  For flower and plant lovers these are fun to have (I also have made myself a couple shirts with the seed packets). 

 So I hope you like what you see and keep coming back for more updates.

 Update…… I finally got set up on Etsy (well at least it’s a start) but I’ve got some of my shirts up with sizing and pricing (a bit more professional).  So head to www.bellamadris.etsy.com to check out my shop.  I hope to be updating periodically. 

Thanks for takin’ a peak.

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