I know it’s been awhile – I get in my groove and then I get sidetracked.  Been working out in the garden during the weeks we had such lovely weather, celebrated Easter, started planning for our 2nd Annual Earth Day at the kids school (which was rained out – so now we must re-plan) and been fighting a sinus infection from allergies (too much work in the garden – NEVER!!!!). 

So needless to say my blog has taken a back seat.  So let’s catch up….

naturally dyed easter eggs – I just LOVE how these turned out 🙂

the materials used for the dying…. turmeric,  greens, red cabbage and red onion skins (not pictured).

felted eggs – so easy – I needed a couple more layers to get them really good – but time became an issue so next year we’ll try a little thicker.  But still love how these turned out.  I found the directions at Rythym of the Home (such a great online quarterly that has so many lovely ideas, recipes, projects, etc)

shrinky dinks – OMG!! I lOVE LOVE LOVE these.  Forgot how fun they are 🙂

who doesn’t love egg dying?

Puppy Love and look at those eyes (on both of them!)

Hope you and yours have been enjoying Spring and the awakening of the Earth and her children.


tea time!  A favorite of ours.

Obviously I’m taking my time with this 30 days of beauty…… but here’s the beauty our weekend provided us with….

a lovely hike in the beautiful oak woodlands we are surrounded by

our peach tree

a frond from our tree fern – she took a hit when we had some hard freezes this winter, but looks like she’s a trooper

rain drops keep falling on my head

this is not the best picture – b/c I was driving while taking it – but I had to snap a shot.  I drive by this field and these cows every time I go to work and every time I see the blue sky, the velvety green hills and the stark contrast of the black and white cows, I am just pulled to how beautiful this scene is.  The cows have coats like a well groomed family dog – looks like someone’s been bathing them and brushing their fur for years – it’s insane and that velvety green hill makes you want to roll around on it’s softness while looking up at the crystal blue sky.  This scene makes me smile every time I drive by.

our first glimpses of spring…… and there is a rumor that it’s going to be sunny and 60 degrees next week!  Could it be?! 

when there are so many grey days and rain and no flowers blooming – it’s always nice to look out our window and see our prayer flags bringing such vibrant and positive energy. 

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago – (we had a birthday celebration dinner for one of Ryder’s BFF’s so I didn’t get any pictures downloaded tonight) but my prayer flags bring beauty to my everyday!