A couple weeks ago I was laying on the couch, feeling miserable and sick, Doug had taken the kids out for the day and I get a phone call.  It’s Doug, he’s at the thrift store down the street from our house and he has found an old kitchen hutch, with no back or shelves and needing some TLC but it was a great price and he thought we could restore it and try to sell it (and maybe make a little bit of money – imagine that).  I didn’t feel like thinking about it so I just said “sure” bring it home and we’ll figure it out.

So he loads this thing in the truck and brings it home.  I finally drag my bum off the couch and peak out the window to see what we have gotten ourselves into……. it’s huge!  Holy smokes – this thing looks like it’s been sitting in someone’s barn for the last 30 years!  This is going to require some work.  But as I get closer and I see the adorable (and original) green glass knobs, the wavy glass in the top cabinets ( I love old glass and mirrors – the wavy look of the glass or the darker look of the mirror – it just screams vintage) and the three dowels on the side for towels – I quickly fall in love! 

Fabulous eye Doug!  But it just looks so big there is no way we could keep it.  Our house is, well let’s say quaint, and we already have a lot of antiques we have restored and they all have their “spot” and I don’t want the house to feel crowded.  We rope our neighbor into helping us bring it into the backyard to store it until we can start cleaning it up and restoring it.  So there it sits, and there I sit in the sun porch eyeing it.  I think it was on Tuesday morning when I finally went out there and started measuring it up, then I went inside and started measuring the wall in the kitchen that it would look GREAT on.  According to my measurements it would fit perfectly, except there is already a beautiful antique buffet on that wall.  Hmmm, so I start measuring up different spots to start moving pieces of furniture.  Well, after about 30 minutes of measuring and checking and re-measuring I decide – that’s it we are keeping it and moving furniture around so it can fit in the kitchen.

So begins the process of cleaning and restoring. 






It actually wasn’t bad since we were just going to paint it white and then add the shelves and the beadboard backing.  It’s a lot more work if you have to strip the layers of paint, sand and then stain. 




So after two weekends of TLC we moved it into it’s home and now have a place for my grandmother and Doug’s grandmothers China (which have been sitting in our garage for almost a year). 


Oh, I’m so happy with this restoration.  It just feels so good to give life to something that was going to be discarded and keep it alive.  Things aren’t made as good as they used to and I love knowing there is history with this piece of furniture.  Again, we’ve saved something else from meeting it’s demise at the landfill.

When I was pregnant with Saige we decided NOT to find out the sex again- we love the surprise element.  Especially when giving birth naturally, when the baby finally comes to greet you, you quickly forget about what just occured because you’re so anxious to find out what you had (boy or girl).  So when getting Saige’s room ready, we were reusing everything from Ryder- but the walls were blank.  My friend and I did a big mural in Ryder’s room so we didn’t really hang anything on the walls but I didn’t have the energy, this time around, to do another mural, so I had to find something to put on the walls.  I like having colorful rooms for the kids.  So I found these great picture books from the 20’s, on ebay, and I used the images from the books.  I bid $5 for 3 books and I won. 

 picture books

They were actually in very good condition for being as old as they are. 

abc page

Part of me had a hard time cutting up the books to put the pictures into frames but they are so sweet- I just love them.

framed picskitty piclittle girls pic

Something else that I think is so sweet are these plaques with vintage inspired images from Moonlight and Roses. 

 moonlight and roses fairy

 They have hundreds in different sizes and different themes (i.e. christmas, baby announcements, fairies, etc. ) but they are just so sweet and simple.  I just love vintage images (as seen with the kids shirts I’ve been making) and antiques.  Now we are on the hunt for old bookcases or old dressers to restore. 

I also wanted Ryder to feel like he was a part of the preparations for the arrival of his new brother or sister so we had him dip his hands in white paint and put hand prints on the wall above the changing table.  He was so thrilled to do that- of course what kid wouldn’t want to do exactly what most adults tell them not to.  But it really was fun for him and when Saige gets older he can tell her how he helped get her room ready and she’ll always have a part of her big bro in her room (which at some point might possibly annoy her). 

hand prints