So I’m always looking at different carriers for Saige, mainly because I’m obsessed with baby wearing.  I still love my moby, but as she gets bigger, positions start to change.  I carry her a lot on my hip and you can wrap the moby for a hip hold but I wanted to get something that you can throw on quickly and also wanted something so I can wear her on my back (and get her there on my own- you can wear kids in the moby on your back but at this age you need another person to get them safely in).  Another aspect is the heat.  During the winter the Moby rocks- it keeps your baby/child so snug and warm but in the summer- not so much.  We were at the harmony fest and it was blazin’ out and I had her in the Moby and we were both sweating.  Not to say that this won’t happen with other carrier, because there is always a bit of extra warmth due to the close contact and the fabric, but the Moby has a bit more fabric than others.  So I splurged and got myself the Ergo carrier – LOVE IT!!!!! She is now cruisin’ snuggly on my back (and it has this great “sleep hood” for when they fall asleep on your back you put it over their head and snap it to your shoulders so their head doesn’t bob all over). 


It’s so easy to put her in on my back and it’s so comfortable.  I think I should work as a product tester- I love trying out new things to see if and how they work and then I try to convert everyone around me! 

I still love my Moby but the Ergo works for other purposes. 

I highly recommend this carrier for ease of use and comfort.  Both mama and bambina love it!

moby wrap

This is how I spend most of the day…..with Saige in the Moby Wrap.  This is the best thing ever.  Forget The Bjorn (which I do still use for those moments that you need a quick in and out) but if you want comfort you must use The Moby.  I wish I had this when Ryder was little, it would have saved my back.  My friend turned me on to The Moby, it’s about 4 yards of fabric and you wrap it around you to make the openings for the baby- there are all different ways to “wear” the baby in a Moby- from the cradle hold, to a side/hip hold to on your back- all with this one long piece of fabric.  And you never get the “burning back”, it distributes the baby’s weight perfectly.  Also the baby is all cozy, wrapped in the fabric.  You can even nurse with them still in the wrap (but you have to be wearing the right shirt-preferably a button down and they should be in the cradle hold) but the option is there should you want to.  I even sew with her in the wrap.  Another nice feature is that their head doesn’t bob all over, just pull the wrap over their head and it hold it snug to your body so if you bend over you don’t necessarily have to hold their head (but you still may for precautionary measures). 

Sorry to sound like an ad for The Moby but if you don’ have it and you wear your baby a lot- it’s a must have.  The only thing that may scare people is figuring out how to do all the different wraps- it takes a couple times (use the mirror) but then you’re good to go without having to look in the mirror.

I am all about wearing my children, I feel it creates a great bond and too often in our society we have all these gadgets (swings, bouncy chairs, car seats, play yards, etc.) that some days the only time people are connected with their infant is during feedings.  Now, I’m not saying I don’t use the items listed above (the bouncy chair is how I am able to take a shower) but those items are used minimally.  The human touch is one of the most important thing for infants  – so it’s great when you can wear your baby comfortably.  And if your baby is anything like Saige- if you want to get anything accomplished -it’s a must to have the moby.  She REALLY likes to be held (which is fine by me because before you know it they are way too big to be held.

“Mother’s arms are made of tenderness,
and sweet sleep blesses the child who lies therein.”
— Victor Hugo