Just a couple more pictures from our Earth Day project


just finished mulching this a.m.  Still have a couple more plants to put in – but once these get growing it will fill in really nice (and only one bit the dust – somehow a drip line never made it to the plant -oops!)


Here’s the entrance to the veggie garden – we built the two long beds on the far left and right.  I went this week and finished up the planting.  The kids were so into it – it was so great to see their enthusiasm.  The little ones needed a bit of guidance (they were a bit rough with the plants ) but my opinion is “we can always replant”.  It’s more about getting them interested and in the dirt.  If we lose a few plants along the way, no big deal.  As an adult sometimes it’s hard to let go of control and let your kids help out (it doesn’t always turn out the way you intended or it may take a little longer) but you just have to relinquish that control and let them be a part (especially if they are showing interest).  I have my moments that I have trouble relinquishing that control but I try to be conscious of that when we are working on projects.


In keeping with Earth Day and reusing items, we made bird feeders out of 1/2 gallon milk and juice cartons.  They were so easy to make and there is nothing better than inviting our feathered friends into your environment.  We just love to watch the birds feed on our feeders.  I think the kids will get a big kick out of seeing the birds come to feed as well as enjoy filling the feeders. 

We’re going to make some for our house too – you can never have too many bird feeders.

If you want to make one of your own follow this link  – have fun!


Our wild lilac is in full bloom- this is my favorite time of year. I just love wild lilac bushes. Everything is in bloom and the plants are starting to buzz with bees, the hills are emerald velvet and our lilies are starting to burst out of the dark, wet dirt from their winter slumber. I am so inspired. I can not wait to get our garden going this year. Last year I was pregnant and had my focus on other things (i.e. creating a little person, building a deck, finishing our cottage, etc).  I did get things planted but did not tend to them as I should have. I missed all my fresh veggies- we had some but not like in the past. So this year I’m getting back to the earth.  The first quarter issue of Organic Gardening’s feature article is about tomatoes.  Oh, how I love my fresh garden tomatoes, I won’t buy tomatoes at the store- once you have organic heirloom tomatoes right off the vine from your backyard – nothing compares.  So I can not wait to get my tomatoes going.

Our peach tree is in full bloom too.  The flowers are so vibrant and beautiful.  This will be our second year with a lot of our fruit trees so I’m hoping for a better crop.  We actually had a nice crop last year (surprisingly for the first year).  So this year should be even better.

One of our Japanese Maples’ buds opened, displaying its delicate leaves.  This “Red Dragon” was a father’s day present a few years ago.

We celebrated Springs arrival by hanging a bird feeder in the backyard. 


Ryder and Papa Bill filled the feeder.  Ryder was so excited to get it hung- he really wanted the birds to come and eat.  But to our dismay no birds have visited yet.   I think we provide so many other food sources (i.e. all of our trees, bushes and plants) that they don’t need to come to the feeder.  So Ryder is sad- he asks “why don’t the birds come to eat?” Hopefully they will start to frequent our feeder.  I also cleaned out my brush and left my hair outside for the birds to use for their nests.  Let me tell you, with all the hair I’m losing (from these crazy hormone fluctuations) these birds can build a high-rise!

I would have liked to do more to celebrate springs arrival- but as I said before – things have been turned upside down with the guests.  Not that we weren’t happy to see everyone- it just changes our “routine” – which is good- sometimes it needs to get mixed up a bit.