I’m not sure if you’ve all heard about Phthalates and that they are in a lot of our children’s things (baby bottles, teethers, pacifiers, water bottles, etc.)  Well, I have included a link (safemama) to a website http://safemama.com that gives you a cheat sheet showing which products do NOT contain Phthalates.  It’s very helpful and informative.  Please take a look and see if you have any of the DO NOT use products. 

I’m not really sure why these products are still on the shelfs (obviously this is something that has to be done at the national level- and don’t get me started on that) but since they are still being sold we need to be aware of what not to buy.

We have purchased the “born free” sippy cups for Saige.  Luckily the bottles we used with Ryder were all o.k. but we got lucky that those were the ones he liked.  I know some friends who have been using some of the bottles on the do NOT use list- it is just so disturbing that we even need to worry that the bottles that are being sold could possibly harm our babies!  Sick! 

I know it seems as if every week there is something on the news about what horrible chemical is leaching into our children’s bodies, and it’s hard to keep up with it all.  But just do the best you can and that’s why I am trying to provide quick and easy links for you to refer to.  I hope you find it helpful. 

Good luck in your quest to keep your kids chemical free!