I’ve been doing  a lot of creating, crafting, sewing these last few weeks.  I signed up for a holiday boutique at Ryder’s school about a month or so ago and then thought “holy crap” I better get some things together!  So began a frenzy of cutting, pinning, sewing, crocheting, etc…….. In my madness I finally made Ryder a banner for his room – he was so happy to hang it up. 

Now if I can only finish my skirt I’ve had sitting on my table for months 😉  But I’m glad my little man is happy – he’s been waiting so patiently.

So I got an email from the Green Moms Carnival and it was about the holidays and the commercialization of them.  There were some great tips/ideas on how NOT to make it commercialized and plastic and get back to the true meaning of the holidays.  Of course it got my mind working.

I LOVE the holidays, especially now with the kids.  Last year Ryder and I spent the entire month before Christmas singing every Christmas Carole written and baking.  It was the best!  One of my favorite things about the holidays is cooking and baking (which is something I love to do and it is something that Ryder and I like to do together).  No matter if a holiday dinner is going to be just “us” or if others are attending I like to put out a big spread (I guess b/c that’s what I remember about the holidays when I was young and I love food!) 

I do also love to give, but sometimes, in years past, I have felt so overwhelmed with the thought of “buying” just to buy and I just hate that feeling.  I like to give meaningful gifts or something handmade (which I’ve been trying to do for the last couple years).  It just gets so overwhelming with this crazy buying frenzy energy that is in the air.  I live in a smaller town, so there is no mall or major stores around so it’s pretty nice I feel a bit sheltered from the frenzy – until I drive to work (which is in a bigger town).  So I have vowed to buy only handmade or local for the holidays.  I have also made a lot (jams, sauces, kahlua, etc.) so I plan on giving those as presents.  I would like to make a couple more handmade presents. 

But, my point being, I am not going to get caught in a frenzy and I’m going to support the local guy.  I am the local guy, I will be in a craft fair in November and am trying to locate a few more – so hopefully I will be supported by my fellow “locals” and tourists (I’m not picky). 

Etsyis a great place to buy handmade.  You can find anything and everything on there.  I just bought Saige the cutest hat and I feel good that it didn’t come from a retail store.  Even if you don’t buy everything, even just one item, start small, find a local craft fair or local boutique and support someone instead of a large corporation, especially with the what’s going on in the economy.  The big guys are taking off with the money while the rest of us suffer, stop giving to the big guys and help out your small local businesses.

Remember what the season is about, getting together with friends and family, remembering old memories, making new memories and being thankful for each other.  So don’t let the commercialism of the holiday season get you, fight back, don’t give in – it feels good to buck the system! 

Have a great holiday season!