Today I had to go to the “mall”, not a big fan of the “mall” but I needed to get something there and I was in the area so I detoured to the “mall”.  (I have it in quotes b/c Doug and I usually say it in a certain tone- anyways) I always leave with such a weird feeling, the first being a feeling of filth – not really crazy about the “mall” clientele and it just always looks dirty and second it’s this weird anxious feeling b/c there is this energy in the air of frenzied shoppers just buying to buy something.  Especially now, with the economy, I noticed most all stores had some kind of sale going on and people were just scooping it all up.

So my point being…. I have really been focusing on buying handmade and/or local.  This particular purchase today was lingerie (for my cousins bachelorette party) and there just wasn’t anything in our little, wine country town that screamed bachelorette party (not that I was looking for something totally sleezy) but something sassy.  So I succumbed to the “mall” and found the item I was looking for. 

I let myself wander every so often, and wouldn’t you know it the day that I do, what should I find in my email inbox tonight?  But a new “Green Mom Finds” – “Big Green Purse” Book – a book about shopping with an eye for environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services. And it teaches about how you can use your dollar wisely when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly, fair-trade items. 

So after seeing that it just reiterated my desire to continue to try to buy local and/or handmade when buying presents.  I can say more than 80% of the time I shop local/handmade for my family and I (we love thrift stores, consignment stores and garage sales – even Ryder has learned how cool garage sales are!) But when it comes to presents I sometimes fall back on the “convenience”  of going to the “mall” or another retailer ( I hate admitting that).  So I am trying to make a vow for the upcoming holidays to either make the presents myself (I do have a lot of canned goods now that will be given as gifts), or buy from another local crafter or the thousands of wonderfully talented artists/crafters on Etsy.

Check out Green Mom Finds– subscribe to it and get daily emails about great green items.

Try to buy local whenever possible and handmade, support your local artists.  This holiday season seek out some local craft fairs or check out Etsy and if you can’t buy everything, maybe just one item (more would be good, but you have to start somewhere).

I have been working on this sign for Saige’s room for quite some time and I am finally done.  It’s not that it was hard or should have taken this long but I procrastinated and then would do a couple stitches here and there – well finally I am ready to hang it!  I am so thrilled with how it turned out. 


I used some old linen and cotton tea napkins ( I think that’s what they are) I just think they were so sweet and I’ve been saving them with the intent to either add them to a quilt or something and when I decided to do a sign with her name to hang over her bed ( in earthquake country you can’t have anything that could harm you hanging over your bed- even if we didn’t like in California I would be too afraid to hang anything heavy over the bed? I thought these were the perfect things to use. 

I originally thought I would just embroider the initials, but you know how that goes, it never ends up being that simple.  After I got the letters embroidered I thought, I can’t stop there, I need to add a little bit of this a little bit of that.  So I just added the flowers, birds, butterflies and dragonflies.  I’m glad I did. 

I had some leftover fabric from her curtain so I attached it to that and sewed some pretty ribbon for hanging, made a slot for a dowel rod and … there you have it, finally!  I hope this is something that can grow with her. *I do need a longer dowel rod – so that’s the last thing to finalize- but it’s pretty much done!


Just wanted to share.