I can’t believe we are 3 weeks away from Saige’s first birthday.  I am so weepy over this but so excited for all the new stages, each one is so beautiful and exciting in it’s own way.  She has two little teeth and more on their way.  The gummy smile is gone!  I love that gummy smile- it’s the best!  In a way I feel like we just brought her home and then in another way I can’t remember life without that little birdie. 

She’s changing daily (as little ones do).  We started her at daycare last week.  She’s going to the same place Ryder went (which is such a warm and loving environment with only a couple other kids).  It’s kinda like she’s going to an Aunt’s house.  But, even though we love it there, it’s still hard to think she’s already at that point.  It’s only 2 days a week, we are very lucky that I have such flexibility with my work.  Doug went back to full time last week (which is why we had to start Saige at daycare).  It has been crazy dropping Saige off, then Ryder, then high tailing it to my job and then doing it all over again to pick them up.  My financial independence hasn’t happend yet, but I have a couple more ideas of how to get there- so I’m working on those. 

But, for now, we continue to do what we’re doing, trying to balance jobs, kids, life (in general) while maintaining a good quality of life.  The mornings are my favorite, sitting in the kitchen, making breakfast, talking, telling stories, watching the birds feed and just being.  I take my time and enjoy.  I’ll never get those moments back- so I need to enjoy them in the moment.

Ryder started preschool last week, our baby is becoming a big boy!  I guess he really hasn’t been a baby for awhile but he will always be one in my heart.  I think it’s harder on mom than it is on him.  It was so hard to see him on the first day, in a new setting, no longer the ring leader of his group of friends at his daycare, wide eyed and a bit scared.  He is really quite shy at first, he likes to stand back and check things out before he ventures in (which I think will be a good thing in years to come) but once he’s comfortable he jumps in.  Well it took him till the end of morning circle to feel comfortable and by the time I came to pick him up he was running around and having a great time with his new friends.  We are so happy with his new school, there’s such a warm feeling you get immediately when you enter.  It’s vibrant and full of lots of things to explore.  We absolutely loved his daycare so we were very concerned about finding a place that compared but I think we’ve found it.

I don’t think our parents had the same issues we have with choosing a school.  Things are so different.  I think when I was starting preschool there was just one preschool in the area and that’s where everyone went.  Now there are waiting lists to get your child in to preschool!  Then there is the decision Montesorri? Waldorf? Public? Parochial? etc……  I think for the most part they are all going to be warm, inviting places for children.  But of course I did my research and I was really happy with the school we chose. 

 What are we going to do about Kindergarten?  I better start figuring that out now!  Not really, but probably will be soon.  When I talk with my friends they all seem to be doing the same things we are- I guess this is the norm.  My parents didn’t have to think about what school to send me to until highschool (and even then it was either public or private).  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Do we need so many options?  Why do we have so many options?  Why aren’t all the schools the same?  Why are some better than others?

I am glad to have all the options because the way things are going in our public school system I want to have other options for my children.

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein