The simple pleasures in life……


I just loved this picture.  This is my friends dog, Sadie, she’s an adorable airedale. 

Wanagi used to love to hang his head out the window and let the wind blow through his fur and let his ears flap in the breeze.  

Ahhhhhh a dog’s life.  We can sure learn a lot from them!

“I think Dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.” 

                Gilda Radner

I have finally finished all of my Christmas presents for my friends and it’s only mid January!  It’s awful, but I think they will forgive me- we had a bit of a crisis in December.  Our faithful companion and our first boy, our 115lb. boxer/rott Wanagi, passed away.  He would have turned 12 in April this year.  My husband and I have had him since he was 5lbs. and we had only been dating for about 3 months.  He’s been across country with us a couple times, been to a couple Dead shows with us- he’s been there for it all.  So needless to say, we were heartbroken and life got put on hold for a bit. 

It was hard to find a way to tell Ryder about his buddy but we finally did, I’m not sure how much he understands but he will still talk about him and say he’s upset.  What he knows is that he isn’t coming home.  It’s hard to know how much he really understands.  All we can do is give him lots of love and talk him through the times that he’s upset. 

 It’s lonely and quite around the house without Wanagi.  One of our vets said that you’ll always have that “one” dog that will always be special and that is definitely Wanagi.  He was my husband’s and my BOY.  The next dog will be “the family” dog.  Not to say that dog won’t be special, because they will, but no one will ever take the place of Wanagi.  It’s going to be awhile before we bring another dog home but it’s weird to be without one too.  Thank goodness for Mo the kitty.

Wanagi at the beachmo kitty sleeping

So with all that said, I finally finished the bags I was making for my friends and the homemade Kahlua is finally ready (it had to sit for 30 days) so it’s ready to drink!  Not that I will be drinking it since I am nursing but everyone else can enjoy.

oil cloth bagkahluaoil cloth bags