Finally completing our Thanksgiving sign!  I started it last year and didn’t finish it in time for Thanksgiving 2009, so I put it away and pulled it out 2 weeks before Thanksgiving 2010 and finished it!  Yes, unfortunately, that is how I roll.  I wish I would have just completed it last year, but nothing like a little fire lit under you to get you working, right?!  Much to my parents chagrin, this is also how I rolled  in college (sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much).

Something else I finally completed was Ryder’s name banner.  I have been meaning to get this done and after seeing how happy he was when I did finally hang it, I wish I would have done this a long time ago.  But I guess that’s what happens when life “happens”.  Balance, that’s what I keep trying to remind myself of. 

Of course I am grateful for so much more, my beautiful family, great friends, beautiful whole food from our yard, the sun, the sky, the earth, a good glass of wine, a nice dark beer, our four legged friends and our inner peace (that I sometimes lose but usually can find it if I look a little).

So begins my 365 days of gratitude.  My friend, Kathy, was talking to her daughter, the other night when I picked up Saige from her house, about ash wednesday being this week.  So I asked both if they were “giving anything up” for lent.  Which, I was thrilled to hear Kathy’s response, that she was thinking about doing 365 days of gratitude.  She heard about it on Facebook (which I can’t believe I didn’t see, since I’ve turned into a bit of a facebook junkie – I try to keep it under control!).  Anyways, I heard that and thought what a fabulous idea.  I kinda remember Oprah doing something like this years ago – not sure if it was exactly this but something like it. 

 I was raised Catholic, but not quite sure what I am now – I like to say it’s continually evolving.  There are so many religions and I don’t think one is right or wrong, I like to mesh a bunch of them.  We are very spiritual – we just don’t put ourselves in a box.  Anyways, now that I went out on a bit of a tangent – what I am trying to get to is that I am not doing this because of lent.  I just think this is a positive way to start your day.  My plan is to keep a journal next to the bed and at the end of the day I will write down what I am grateful for on that day.   This will go on for 365 days, a full year. 

My plan is to share this with you, probably not on a daily basis – maybe a weekly basis or monthly- I haven’t figured that out.  But I will share my daily gratitude with you and hope that you will share yours with me too.

I’m so excited to start this.

What I am thankful for today is my family – thank you for always standing by me, understanding me and loving me for me!