Well, I think I have found a solution to my problem (see the link below)….


I found these at Safeway and at first thought- oh, I’m sure it’s not BPA free but to my surprise they are!  And they came in orange! Ryder’s favorite color.  They are perfect.  I bought one for each of us- Doug and I bring our lunch to work- which usually consists of a sandwich- so these are great- your sandwich doesn’t get all smooshed and yucky.  For Ryder it’s big enough to hold 1/2 sandwich and some cheddar bunnies or pretzels or carrot sticks (or whatever little snack you are sending).  Plus super inexpensive. 

So I have found what I was looking for.  They have a whole line of eco-friendly products.  Maybe you can find what works for you.

So I recently purchased a new lunch bag for Ryder and was so stoked.  I have been looking for a bag that had reuseable containers.  I have been contemplating buying the laptop lunches but I wasn’t totally sold on it (it’s kinda like a bento box and some of the containers don’t have lids and I’m just not sure how that would work for him).  So anyways I was at this adorable consignment store and saw these lunch bags and totally liked the set up, the size the color (it was lime green and green is one of his favorite colors) and the packaging said it was a “green” product.  Well of course I was in a hurry b/c the fam was sitting out in the car waiting for me.  So I asked the co-owner if the containers were BPA free (b/c I didn’t see it clearly stated on the packaging) and her statement was oh ya, it’s environmentally friendly.  So I bought it ($35 later- which is not that much when you look at the reuse aspect). 

Well I started to think about it more when I got home and went on line to check it out and sure enough it isn’t BPA free.  The comment on the website said that it meets all standards and something else that was skating the issue (they never came out and said yes or no – but by the statement it was clear it contained BPA).  Of course, this has to go back to the store, which was difficult telling RYder b/c he was all ready to use his new lunch bag the next day at school. 

What I’m trying to get to is, I’m tired of all this misleading packaging.  Of course, the product is kinda “green” b/c you are reusing containers so you are eliminating waste, but the containers all contain BPA which is known to be “a not so good thing”!  Why are they still making products with this in it?

So besides the laptop lunches what else is there?  Any suggestions?  So for now we are just using random containers that we have to avoid using ziploc bags.  I’ll probably end up with the laptop lunches.

Oh by the way the product I did purchase was lunchopolis.  It’s a shame b/c they are the perfect size and have just the right amount of containers and it is keeping trash out of the landfill.  I wish they would just redo their containers.  Maybe I’ll email them my thoughts?!