What happened to the month of September?  And now October?  The last time I wrote was the beginning of September and we had just gotten back from Tahoe.  Thank goodness we went to Tahoe then, because craziness ensued shortly after.  We had Doug’s parents coming out for 2 weeks, during their visit we were celebrating Saige’s 2nd birthday and Ryder’s 5th birthday and to boot, we decided to gut our 1, I repeat 1 and only bathroom and try to remodel it on our own.  After all of that we then decided to invite 27 kids and their parents over for Ryder’s birthday party!  Phew!  Again, craziness!!!


Doug found 1/2″ – 1″ thick concrete all on the walls and floor under the tile he removed.  Apparently before they made cement board that is what they did!  Poor guy had to chisel all of that out – what a mess!



so we actually do have a working shower, toilet and vanity.  We have plastic sheeting inside the shower, though, we have a little more tile and grouting to do but we are getting there.  Let’s just say this is my last remodel job for a long while!

And now as of today this is where we are…..


Still some things left – but we are at a stand still – Doug just had his gallbladder removed last week – ugh!

The kids birthdays were fun.  I pulled out the decorations a week before Saige’s birthday and kept them up till Ryder’s birthday.  Nothing like celebrating the whole month 🙂  That’s how it should be.  Ryder and I worked on a cake for Saige’s birthday.  I don’t think I will be working with Marzipan in the near future!  A bit more difficult than I had thought.  But the filling, too die for, lemon curd from my Alice Waters cookbook.  So yummy and so easy.  Also great on toast or scones.  In the end it looked cute – definitely homemade.


We got Saige her first dollhouse – so cute


Milo ate a few of the dolls within the first hour ( I guess that’s what happens when you have a lab puppy!).  Went out and got her some new ones and he has only eaten 1 so far.  Maybe he’s over them finally.

I finally made her birthday crown for her to wear year after year and would you believe – I totally forgot about putting it on her!  It wasn’t until we were almost done with the entire day that I realized it – so for posterity I had to get it and put it on her for some pictures – she was pretty much done at this point.


Had to get a shot of her in it 🙂

After Saige’s birthday we tackled the bathroom, everyday…… tiling, grouting, tiling, grouting – I still have grout on me!  The last day of Doug’s parents visit was Ryder’s birthday.  We had a little celebration with Ryder’s favorite meal, veggie tacos and then ice cream cake (he totally wanted it and normally I wouldn’t do that – b/c I love making my own – but I knew I was going to make one for his birthday party, I went the easy way).  It was a perfect evening.


Then we had a bit of a breather and started preparing for his birthday with his friends.  Of course I can’t do anything easy.  We were having a Star Wars themed party – he’s TOTALLY into Star Wars.  So I had an idea for the invites, I wanted to redo the scrolling text in the beginning of star wars but make it appropriate to his birthday.  So I started to google the text.  I wanted to see exactly what it said so I could redo it for us.  Well, luckily someone else thought the same thing and already did  it and I just had to plug in his info.  But then how to print it.  I wanted to print on black paper – of course no one can do it – but I don’t believe them so I continue to search and search.  But after brainstorming with my friend at work we figure out a way to do it and they turned out cute.  Then it was making the death star pinata.  Nope can’t buy one, gotta make my own and then stay up until 11:30 the night before the party adding the detail – yes I’m a bit crazy when it comes to the kids parties.  Anyways, Ryder came up with the ideas for his party, he wanted a death star pinata, bobbing for “death stars”/apples, and pin the light saber on darth.  So I had to get a big image of darth and make a light saber out of cardboard.  It was fab!  That night as he was going to bed he said “Thank you for the best birthday ever!”  That makes the late evenings and all the work – soooooo worth it!




Now that it’s almost November – I’m wondering what happened to October!  Lots of visits to pumpkin patches, scarecrow building at Ryder’s school, plugging away at the bathroom and getting ready for Halloween.  Oh how I love this time of year – I just wish it wasn’t soooo hot out!  I love the cool crisp mornings, though.





This was for the Halloween party at Ryder and Saige (yes she is now going to preschool with Ryder) school.

What have you been doing during this wonderful time of year?  Where is your favorite pumpkin patch?

I know it’s close to the middle of November already, but here’s the October recap….

I’ve been working on getting ready for my first real craft fair so I’ve been putting bloggingoff to the side. 

So, Fall is my favorite season, I just love the smells, colors, energy in the air, everything.  This is the time of year when I miss living in the Chicago area/Midwest, because it is just so beautiful and you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Anyways, October was spent going to pumpkin patches. 

We made it to a few with the family and then Ryder even made it to another one with his school.  It was a bit warmer than I would have liked during the month – you know it should be kinda cool and crisp- but it still was beautiful. 

We found some really great pumpkins and climbed lots of hay pyramids and had lots of fun.

Then came Halloween (one of my favorite holidays- love dressing up!) 

So Ryder insisted on being a firefighter and Saige was a black cat.  So since Ryder already had his Dad’s firefighter hat from Doug’s childhood (and hasn’t taken it off since he got it from Grammy Kathy about 2 months ago), we just needed to find a coat- luckily we found one at the thrift store- perfect!  I made a kitty hat and tail for Saige and we were set.  We carved our pumpkins the night before and went trick or treating with his best bud and had a blast! 

The Halloween Fairy came a couple nights later and left a few books in place of the candy.  I recommend the Halloween Fairy come visit your little ones in the future- great way to get rid of the candy.  Ryder even wrote her a letter and asked for her to leave 2 pieces (which is totally fine). 

We had our first rain (since I’d say March- give or take) on Halloween and again the next day- we actually had a break in the rain for trick or treating (and the weather actually made it even better).  So by Sunday we were a bit anxious to get back out so we headed up North for a hike in one of our favorite spots.  A little hike we used to do with Wanagi when we lived up in Healdsburg at Lake Sonoma. 

So we took the kids and Milo and headed out.  It was so wonderful- it’s so great to be out after a rain- it’s like everything is taking a big drink.  The smell of the earth is so pungent- it’s just wonderful.  And it was perfect because it was dia de los muertos (day of the dead) which is a day to honor our loved ones who have passed.  I had intended on creating a little shrine this year (but it didn’t quite come to fruition) so our hike was in honor of our beloved Wanagi.  It was definitely sad to be there without him, but Milo sure enjoyed himself – the torch has been passed.

In between all of that, I plugged away at my craft, sewing blankets, getting business cards, hammering out the details (mainly a lot of sewing).  And it all ended in todays craft fair.  Which was fabulous! 

I had a great time and am jazzed for the next one.  Now I have a few weeks to get a couple wall hangings done and there’s a possibility I may be selling my shirts in one of the boutiques in town (the owner took my card and we are making an apointment to talk!  I hope it goes well).

So there we have it.  Hope October was spooktacular for all of you too (sorry had to be a cheeseball with that phrase).