Welcome 2009!  I am always happy to ring in a new year.  Every year is a new adventure and new beginnings. 

So keeping with that theme, I have decided to revamp my blog a bit and try to be a bit more organized and not so random.  I do like the randomness of my blog ( I will keep some of that alive and well) but I wanted to start focusing on certain topics and get more info out there to families. 

So I will be focusing on one topic per month, and during the month I will be interjecting some randomness too (keeping everyone up to date on the Calhoun’s adventures).  I am going to provide a favorite recipe per month and a favorite family craft.  I will be doing giveaways randomly (possibly monthly or every other month)  I will try to tie the giveaways to the topic of the month.   I may add some things along the way- this is definitely an ever evolving platform for me. 

So with that said, this months topic is one of my faves – cloth diapering.  I know I have talked about it before, but I will be giving more information and hopefully answering some of your questions you may have about cloth diapering.

So I hope to see everyone back and I hope you will enjoy the new and improved Bellamadris.

Happy New Year!