Thursday we had fun tending to the garden and harvesting a couple yummy items…

The strawberries are final coming in and we have a few blueberries too ūüôā¬† We only have 3 little blueberry bushes – one we planted last year and the other two are new, so we won’t be harvesting enough to make a pie but they sure are delicious to eat as an afternoon snack.

Ryder and I harvested all the favas¬†– we got about about¬†7 lbs or so ( I should have¬†weighed them but I was so excited to get them shelled and turned into that yummy fava spread I talked about here). But they are all out and now there’s room for some more goodies – edamame and kale.

one of the baskets we harvested ( I think there ended up being about 5 of these). 

Here’s a shot of the little nitrogen nodules on the root of the fava’s

those little white ball looking things are the nitrogen nodules that are so good for the soil.

now these plants will all go back to the soil (once they’ve spent a couple weeks¬†and made a couple spins in the composter¬†– which is now my work out for my quads – I’ll¬†show pictures later but we took an old 50 gallon pickle barrel and¬†drilled holes all around it and now I kick it across the yard a couple times each day – it cost $8 – much better than the hand cranked ones¬†that are¬†more than $100 and it’s a good workout!)

What have you been harvesting?

The strawberries keep coming!  Yippee!  If you read my post from earlier about the bugs eating our strawberries, you would have thought we would not be pulling in the crop that we are.  Our bug juice worked!  Doug gathers a bowl every morning and today I went out during my gardening time and saw the beautiful little ruby red jewels peaking through the green in the patch Рwhat a lovely sight!


I love the imperfections of growing your own food.¬† The “perfect” fruits and veggies you find in the store seem (to me) to be nuclear looking.¬† Like they’ve been pumped with chemicals, given a shot of steroids and then dipped in wax.¬† I do find some “picture perfect” fruits and veggies in our yard but I love to find all the funky ones, the teeny tiny berries, the gnarled looking pepper – the “imperfect” ones – those are my favorites!


We headed back to the midwest for a week and during that time our lettuce bolted and got bitter, so I had to tear out that crop and¬†sowed more seeds¬†today (arugula, bibb, romain, and salad bowl).¬† I feel like I’ve been so crazy with other things that I haven’t been focusing on the garden so it was fun to play out there today.¬† I love to work in the garden with all the bees buzzing around me, the sun shining down on me, the kids playing in the dirt – it’s therapy.¬†

Here’s what I saw today….






What’s going on in your garden?

We have been enjoying our Santa Rosa plums this year.  Last year we had some but this year is better.  So far they have been the perfect size to just pop in your mouth (well maybe my mouth- which is bigger than average) and eat down to the pit (without getting a finger dirty).  The kids have been enjoying the as well. 

The fig tree has about 15¬†little figs popping out.¬† Not much- but I’m stoked just to have those- Doug isn’t a huge fig fan so these are mainly my little goodies.¬†

The zucchini is still flourishing.¬† I have to check daily b/c if I don’t I end up with those giant suckers.¬† Which is fine- they work good for making zucchini choc. chip cookies.¬† Ryder and I made a huge batch the other day (we tripled the recipe) so we could bring some to his school and Doug’s work and for the neighbors.¬†

 We harvested some basil- it was about to flower- so we made some yummy pesto. 

Not sure what’s happening with the cauliflower- I may have to just pull it and call it a loss- the plants are huge but there is no head forming?¬† I keep saying I’m going to pull it- but then I give it another chance.¬† If I don’t see any sign of a head I’m pulling it next week and putting in carrots.¬†

We are on our second batch of lettuce- oh how I love fresh picked lettuce for our salads.  Right now my kick is fig and Gorgonzola salads with homemade balsamic vinaigrette- I can eat that for every meal. 

A happy surprise to find in the garden were 2 rogue tomatillo plants that popped up (obviously from last years crop).  I love tomatillo salsa.

And everyday I check my tomato plants thinking there will be a miracle and I’ll wake to find all the plants with ripened tomatoes (even though the day before there were none even remotely ready!) I can dream can’t I.¬† I keep reminding myself before I know it I’ll be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes and overwhelmed!

The strawberries keep coming too, not in gross numbers- just a nice steady pace.

So that’s the skinny on the garden right now.


The strawberries have arrived!  I love this time of year, fresh strawberries from our little patch. 


It is so wonderful to go out and pick a basket of sun warmed strawberries.¬† We’ve been eating them in cereal, on shortcakes (with yummy homemade whip cream- even though fruit and cream are a no no in the Ayurveda world- once in a while won’t hurt), in smoothies, on waffles, in salads or sometimes the best way just by themselves.¬† So far, this year, we’ve gotten to them before the bugs have – there have been a few casualties but not like the past.¬† We use our own homemade bug-be-gone remedy….. canola/vegetable oil and soy sauce- about a 3/1 ratio.¬†¬† The soy attracts the bugs and the oil keeps them in the container (we use cat food cans or tuna cans).¬† It’s perfect and organic!¬† This has been the best bug control we’ve found.¬† We used to use beer (which also works) but it evaporates quickly and we have a hard time justifying wasting beer (we like our beer).¬†

THe lettuce is crazy, we can’t keep up with eating salads (I’m not complaining).¬† I’ve been piling the lettuce on my cheese sandwiches I take to work.¬† It’s so yummy.¬† The arugula is so peppery and good.¬† I can eat it all day.¬†

Our strawberry guava trees are adorned with flowers so this is going to be a great year for guavas. 

These are awesome bushes, they are great along a fence line for privacy, you can prune them and keep them smaller or let them get bushy, they keep their leaves all year and the flowers are edible and beautiful.¬† And don’t forget the fruit is heavenly!¬† Doug always says “it’s the fruit of the gods”.¬†

Now that we’ve been getting food from our garden again, I’m getting so anxious for that first tomato – I can hardly wait! But that’s what I’m going to have to do, wait!¬† Oh, but that first bite is going to be so worth the wait!