Just wanted to share…..

Finally finished one of Asher’s gifts.  Asher is my BFF’s little boy – who was born in November – yes November – I’m a little behind.  Leslie, his mama, and I have known each other since we were in our pack -n- plays together.  We lived a house away from each other growing up.  So it is so wonderful to be sharing these special moments 35 years later.

When I was back in Chicago visiting her I finally saw his nursery and there was a nice big spot on the wall that needed something so I really wanted to make something to fit in that space.  So here it is….



Love you little Asher boy!

I haven’t been blogging b/c I was asked to make a baby present for a friend who had a shower to go to today.  So I’ve been working on a name sign for the gift.  Kinda like the one I made for Saige – just smaller.  I love how it turned out.  My friend gave me no restrictions – she told me the name and the colors of the nursery and of course with the fabric hording that I do, I knew I could find something in my studio. 

So, I hope the mama to be is happy with her gift.  I certainly enjoyed making it.